Who can apply loan from CashBus?
With at least 1 government issued ID and valid phone number
Philippine citizen at least 18 years old 

How does CashBus work?

Download and register with your mobile phone number 
Choose loan amount and loan term that you need
Submit your information --no paperwork, collateral nor guarantee needed
Pick up cash at the nearest pickup centers or get money which transferred to your bank account

What is the Specialty of CashBus? 

Faster approval and disbursement: 
Rapid evaluation speed and get cash as fast as within 1-2 office day

100% online cash loan: 
No paper contract need. Simply apply quick loan on your mobile phone within 5 minutes. 

Flexible loan amount and repayment schedule: 
Affordable loan amount and repayment term. It¡¯s easy and flexible loan indeed. 

Increasing credits: 
Loanable amount will increase and some charges will decrease for reborrower

How to repay a loan

SMS reminding: We will send you SMS and remind you when to repay
Bank transfer : you can repay loan by bank transfer 
Offline: 7 eleven or other offline-centers are supported 
The earlier repayment, the higher credit you¡¯ll get for reborrowing

How about us?
We think that everyone has the right to enjoy the financial. CashBus can offer faster, easier, safer finance service to Filipinos based on mobile internet security technology and big-data analysis innovation.

How to contact us?

Talk to Us in CashBus App. We will contact you as soon as possible

To downloan and install CashBus Lending app, please visit this link:

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