- Ating Kilalanin ang new lending app na ito

Na-stumble na naman ako sa isang bagong app sa playstore. Alam nyo na kapag bagong app, wala pa talaga tayong malalim na kaalaman tungkol sa kanila. Hindi natin alam kung sino at anong company ang nasa likod ng lending app na ito. We are dependent pa rin kung ano ang mga nakasulat sa description ng kanilang app sa playstore. Basahing mabuti ang mga nakasaad sa ibaba:

What is PesosPh
PesosPh is one of the unique Fintech platforms in the Philippine to provide you with financial mobility whenever and whatever. Our services is based on mobile internet security technology and big-data analysis innovation.

★ Loan Information
Loan Amount: ₱ 3,000 - ₱ 10,000
Tenor: 61 days -104 days
Maximum interest rate: 12%
Example: 91-day loan with interest rate of 12%, and principal amount is ₱ 10,000. Total payment is ₱ 10299.17 (10000*12%/365*91+10000)

How does it work?
-Find PesosPh on Googleplay Store
-Download and register with your phone number
-provide your identity information
-expect your loan decision within 30 minutes
-choose different ways for disbursement
-build your credit with PesosPh for higher limit by paying back on time!

★Special Quality of PesosPh
✔ Paperless Online experience : no need an unconventional form, no need to go out to sign a contract, all process will be done by online in the phone. Only takes around 5 minutes to apply.
✔Increasing limits: We provide higher limit and lower interest rate to royal customers
✔ Safe and Confidential : PesosPh protects all users’ data and won’t be informed to any parties without agreement with our customers.
✔ Service with Quality : If you have any questions, please contact us via our online service provided by the app or call our customer service number. We are willing to serve you at anytime.

★Return a Loan
We will notify you of the deadline by SMS, reminding you when to repay the loan. You can repay the loan by ATM Transfer. Upon successful transfer, PesosPh will automatically receive proof of payment and treat your loan as paid. PesosPh also allows early repayment Of loan. Once you paid back your loan, you will eligible for borrowing with us again with a higher limit.

Address: Ortigas Technopoint, 1 Doña Julia Vargas Ave, Pasig, Metro Manila.
Phone: +63 9184957334

Note: We are not sure kung maganda ba ang serbisyo nila o kung marami naba silang napagbigyan. Kunti palang ang nagbigay ng review pero ni isa sa kanila ay wala pang na-approved. Be vigilant sa mga bagong lending companies ngayon dahil hindi lahat sa kanila nakakatulong.

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