QuickPeso - How to Apply Loan?

Bagong Lending app ito sa Google Playstore. Kunti palang ang reviews at hindi lahat maganda. Kaso napansin ko, nagkaproblema lang sila dahil delayed ang payments. Sana maging fair din sila sa mga good payer para magkaroon silang ng good reviews mula sa kanilang mga clients. 

TO try their loan service, basahin nyo muna ang mga mahahalagang impormasyon tungkol sa kanila para may idea kayo about their company and loan service. Please read carefully below:

QuickPeso is an online lending platform based on mobile information technology and big-data analysis. We offer fast, easy and reliable loan service with transparent fees. 

Why should I choose QuickPeso?
* Transparent rates and service fees;
* Ensure your privacy and security; and
* Reliable and friendly customer service.

How can I apply for QuickPeso?
* Prepare your ID card;
* Install the app and follow the in-app instructions;
* Register and complete your credit profile, then you should obtain your credit limit in less than 10 minutes;
* Now you can choose whatever loan amount and loan Tenure you want.

Terms & Conditions:
* Minimum age of 18 years up to 60 years
* Philippine citizen
* Must have 2 valid ID card
* Must have a job and stable income source

What can QuickPeso offer? 
Loan Tenure: Maximum 90 days to Minimum 7 days
Only charge a service fee and loan interest of 0.8~1.0% per day

Example of a installment loan simulation:

Amount of Principal: PHP 5,000 
Loan Tenure: 90 days
Interest Rate: 0.8% daily (Effective APR 292%)
PHP 5,000 / 3 = PHP 1,667 + PHP 1,200 interest per 30 days.
Total payment per 30 days: PHP 2,867

*Every customer may get different calculation according to his/her loan repayment history, credit worthiness, loan amount and tenure.

QuickPeso always charge a transparent service fee. Interest and fees do not compound or accrue.

Contact our Customer Service at:
Email: 9fonecardph@gmail.com
(Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00)

Download and install QuickPeso now, get loans quickly anytime and anywhere! Satisfy your all needs and expenses! Please click this link to download: http://bit.ly/QuckPesoApp

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