Pera Pocket - How to Apply Loan?

Actually, hindi bago ang lending app na ito. Rainbow Cash Lending ang dating pangalan nito sa Playstore. Lately lang, binago nila ang kanilang pangalan into Pera Pocket. Kung dating client na kayo ng Rainbow Cash, siguro mayrong nababago sa kanila ngayong naging Pera Pocket na ito.

 Paalala, isa din ito sa mga lending na nagti-text ng mga contacts mo sakaling delayed kayong magbayad. Kaya mag-ingat sa pangungutang sa kanila, iwasang ma-delayed ang inyong bayad para hindi kayo magka-problema. Kung interesado kayong humiram sa lending app na ito, basahin mabuti ang mga mahalagang impormasyon sa ibaba:

Need to borrow money? Get fast cash loan online! Low loan rate for cash lending.

We are a Internet Finance Corporation of Philippines, which specializes in financial technology products for the Filipino, providing small amount, short-term, and fast financial credit services.

Product Introduction:

 Based on the mobile Internet full-process online loan APP, mainly to solve the small amount credit loan needs of individuals and small business owners in the Philippines, providing small amount loan from ₱ 2,000 to ₱ 5,000, with “short circle”flexible loan of 7 days or 14 days. The user can define the amount of the loan and the repayment period independently at the range. The system adopts the Internet big data method, which eliminates the cumbersome process and procedures of traditional financial services, and aims to provide a new loan model which is simple and fast Loan with PeraPocket!

FRIENDLY ONLINE EXPERIENCE:Download and apply in 8 minutes. Our end-to-end digital solution means no paperwork or lengthy processes!

NO COLLATERAL NEEDED:No mortgage nor guarantee needed. Integrity builds a good life!

QUICK REVIEW:Our proprietary credit-scoring technology gives you an fast loan audit. Cash will be disbursed in less than 24 hours.

TRANSPARENT:No hidden penalties, no hidden fees. Credit ceiling increase with successful repayment.

BIG DATA RISK CONTROL:Big data technology can evaluate users’ loan quotas.
DATE ENCRYPTION:We use global industry standard security and encryption. We never release user data to third parties.

Who can apply for cash loans from PeraPocket!
a) A Philippine citizen who has attained age 18 years old.
b) A person who has at least two government
c) issued ID and a valid mobile phone number. 
d) A person who is currently employed or has a stable source of income. 
How to receive your cash loan? 
a) Borrowers receive their cash loans at cash pickup stores they’ve chosen. 
b) Currently borrowers are allowed to pick up their cash loans at M. Lhuillier. 
c) We will strive to cooperate with more third-party payment channels to provide our borrowers with more convenient cash withdrawal methods and more efficient lending services.

How to repay your cash loan? 
Borrowers will be notified the deadline by SMS, email or telephone calls and reminded to repay their personal loans. Choose to repay online loans with following options:

1)ECPAY: Go to any outlet of ECPAY, fill out needed information in Bills Payment Form, reimburse your personal loans and receive a payment confirmation receipt. 

2)7-Eleven: Go to any outlet of 7-Eleven and make repayment via CLiQQ machine or CLiQQ app. 

3)GCash: Open GCash app, click Pay Bills to access Loans option to make repayment. 
Download PeraPocket and get a fast cash loan online! Anyone who meet our qualifications is welcome to apply for peso loans from us.

To download and install their app, visit this link:

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